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Now a days most of the companies are using CMS, i.e, open-source content management system. Hence there are many CMSs available today like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal etc, but the question is Why Drupal? Many times it is clearly visible to technology and something about it motivates you to think about using and developing it. The fact that Drupal’s hook based architecture is the basis for abstracting and augmenting existing functionality leaves this particular quote open to interpretation. The best part of this CMS is Drupal site can grow and expand as your company does without having to start from scratch.

Drupal, considered one of the most adaptable and powerful CMSs available for developing complex enterprise websites. Drupal manages much of the embarrassing things, making the designers to pay attention to the performance that really issues to you. The most significant part of Drupal is its entity system for DBMS does use a lot of tables for field storage and field revisions. And this carry forward a good performance when it comes to entity relationships and content management.

Here after I would like to focus the part of flexibility ans scalability, drupal is a flexible platform, And its developers are successfully able to cast and a proper influence the system according to the client's requirements. The system is built to be configured. Also its scalability is really awesome like it keeps growing but Website doesn't effect anything. Additionally, Drupal handles sites that will continue to grow over time.  

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